All classes and Meditations are held at my studio in Erdenheim.  See the Contact page for address and directions.



Wednesdays through November 23


We focus on anything you want to have more of in your life  - Love, Money, Peace, Power, Strength, Joy, Freedom, Clarity, Health.  We prepare by anointing ourselves with essential oils,  and taking vibrational essences.  Then we each speak what it is we will be calling in for that meditation time, so we are witnessed.  I play the gongs and bowls for about 30 minutes while you magnetize your needs and heart desires, taking time at the end to focus on each person as a group to give them even more energy and support in generating what they most need.  7 pm. $10.


abundance class

Wednesday August 17 - September 7.  7 pm


I'm offering this class to give participants a chance to go deeper into what is blocking them from manifesting powerfully and easily.  I'll be facilitating experiences to go deeper into your fears, limiting beliefs and behaviors, and energy blocks so you have greater awareness about what's happening within you.  We'll be working to clear those blocks, and create more strength, ease, and flow to create a prosperous life in whatever form you desire.  I'll also be sharing magnetizing practices that you can use in your own abundance meditations going forward.  $60 for all 4 weeks, $20 per class, come as you can.


sound bath

November  20


Come for my last Sound Bath Meditation before I move!  I play my gongs and singing bowls for about 45 minutes while you journey on the sacred sounds of these amazing sonic beings.  $15.  7 pm.  I only have space for 11 so RSVP asap.