Healing from Relationship Loss


The grief and pain of losing a relationship is excruciating, and can feel like it will never pass. We struggle to live our lives and meet our responsibilities, while our emotions and thoughts take us on a crazy ride we fear we'll never survive. We don't know how we'll make it through, how we'll understand what happened.  We wonder if we'll ever feel joy, or peace, and especially love again...and if it wasn't our choice, how we'll forgive.

I have worked with many people suffering from devastating break-ups, I have gone through deeply painful loss myself, and I can tell you that there is help available that can help you heal quickly and deeply from these kinds of losses.  

Energy healing and Sound healing are powerful and profound modalities that move you through the experience more quickly, with deeper healing and transformation than what most traditional therapies can offer.  This is what Energy and Sound healing sessions, as I facilitate them, can do for you:

+  Clear the shock and grief cleanly and efficiently, layer by layer,  so you can find some stability quickly. 

+ Disintegrate and disempower the energetic connections with the one(s) you have lost.  We can always reconfigure those connections into a higher form if you desire to.  This gives you the space to be present with your own feelings, and decreases the need or desire to stay connected to them when it's no longer appropriate.

+ Look deeply at the true nature of the connection, what is the higher learning, what were the soul agreements if any, what is your soul calling now?

+ We work with your energy body to see what your patterns around relationship are, was this relationship a reflection of a limiting belief you hold around love and intimacy, and if so what is needed to heal it and free you to experience healthy relationship.

+ I help you understand how you withhold light and love from yourself, how to tune your energy body to receive love more easily, and how to maintain loving relationship - especially with yourself.

I have found that it takes anywhere from 3-6 months to successfully work through the grieving and healing process.  
Clients come through the process feeling much more clear, integrated, free, and with a greater understanding of why the break-up happened, and what their life is calling them to going forward.

 We would work every week, and even two times a week in the beginning so you have the greatest support during the most difficult time. I see the timing of sessions as very organic and we make them a perfect match for the rhythm of your own process.

These sessions can be done in person or long distance.  The healing work is just as powerful either way.  If you are doing distance sessions, you will have access to professional recordings of my gongs and singing bowls to listen to while I'm doing the healing work with you.  

In addition to the energy and sound healing you will receive a custom made vibrational essence to help with the healing and integration process.  You will also have consistent email check-ins so you feel deeply supported during this challenging time.

Here is how you can set up sessions:

You can go week to week and set up sessions in that way, and the cost would be $200.  Sessions are typically 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

You can pay for 3, 4 or 6 month packages.  These packages are prepaid and cannot be refunded unless there are special circumstances.

A 3 month package is 10 sessions at $185/hour for a total of $1850.

A 4 month package is 14 sessions at $175/hour for a total of $2450.

A 6 month package is 20 sessions at $165/hour for a total of $3300.


You can also come work with me in Philadelphia or Santa Fe for 4, 5, or 6 day intensives.  We would work every day with cognitive exploration, and energy and sound work, for 2 hour sessions. We would create the essence for you while you're here, and you'd have journaling to do between sessions. You can get many weeks worth of therapy done in an intensive.

        4 day intensives are $800

5 day intensives are $950

6 day Intensives are $1080

If you have questions, or you'd like to set up sessions with me you can fill out this form with your contact information, or you can call me directly at 267-738-9501.  When you decide how you want to do the session work I will send you a Paypal invoice, or you can send me a check.  I so look forward to hearing from you and supporting you in a deep, powerful, easeful journey through this important time.

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