It's hard to put into words the work Katryn shares with this world. 

Whatever it is you need, you will find in working with her          

 ~Francesca Cantarini

My new Gong Audio recordings are Done!

These are recordings of my Great Mother gong, and my sun gong.

You can listen a few times here, and buy the recordings as an album or separately, from Bandcamp.

I believe that healing and transformation can happen without a lot of processing.

I believe you possess the keys and codes to your own liberation from suffering - if you know where to look they are easily found.  After 30 years of doing this work I know where to look and how to help you unlock them.

this statement - "When a living system is in ill health, the remedy is to bring it more of itself", - is the foundation of my work.

it's about Bringing you back to your greatest wholeness and true nature. 

I invite you to learn about my work, including the specialty sessions listed below.

healing from relationship loss

The devastation of losing an important relationship can be so painful we don't know how we'll survive, much less work our way through it and come out in any way better than we were before.  There is a way to get through it far faster and easier than you'd imagine.  Click here to find out just what I mean.



Have you experienced that struggle and disorientation to enter back into your old life after a sacred journey?  These sessions help you make that transition with greater ease, understanding, and the ability to integrate deeply what you received from the experience.



preparation for surgery

If you're feeling anxiety or stress over an upcoming medical procedure, want to enhance the possibility that the procedure goes smoothly, and increase the healing time post-surgery, than these sessions are for you!